Golden Spheres

As a Gift to the Universe.

The Artwork

Imagine you have the opportunity, through a work of art enduring for millennia, radiant and immutable, to express your gratitude for your existence and the beauty of our world back to the universe that created you!!!?  Full Document

"Golden Spheres" by Niclas Castello is an idea to communicate, through an artwork, the gratitude of each individual human being for our beautiful, unique planet to the spirit of the universe.

Exactly 1,000 of these spheres will be created, and they will connect the community of 1,000 creators for all time. The spheres will be passed down like wanderers through millennia of humanity, each in memory of the first, whose wish created it.

Each sphere is dedicated to a celestial phenomenon. All the stars, myths, and gods of all times have been brought to the heavens by humans and watch us from there upon the earth. To realize this vision in the artwork, the artist will hand-craft the surface of each individual sphere. They will be unique and individual, like the respective human whose wish brings this sphere into existence.

The noblest thoughts are manifested in the noblest material. Pure, clean .999 fine gold. Cast into a perfect, round ball, each one kilogram in weight, this artwork will carry and convey humanity's thanks to the universe even in millions of years. However, gold is also the softest metal. It is fragile and malleable, just like our planet Earth. Only our mindfulness and handling in gratitude will preserve these creations for future generations.

Thus, these spheres are a symbol of eternity. They are a gift to the universe. They are our way of telling the universe: "We were here. We have loved, dreamed, and created. And this is our eternal gift to you."

 List of 1,000 Spheres


Golden Spheres as acquirable SQARES

The Golden Spheres, an extraordinary art edition by Niclas Castello, comprises 1,000 individually handcrafted gold spheres. Each sphere, made of solid 999 gold, weighs approximately 1 kg and has a diameter of around 4.6 cm.


These unique spheres showcase meticulous craftsmanship, radiating opulence and elegance. As collectible works of art, they hold immense value and symbolize the fusion of creativity and the allure of gold. The Golden Spheres represent a rare opportunity to own a captivating masterpiece that embodies both aesthetic beauty and investment worth. The first five Golden Spheres are shown below. Click on the following Images!

The Artist

Niclas Castello is a contemporary artist known for his thought-provoking and unique works. Born in the former GDR in 1978, Castello's art explores the meta-level principle of rupture and synthesis, challenging established notions and combining them in new ways. His works are a form of language interpretation, using individual symbols to create a universal alphabet of symbols understood across cultures. Castello's art focuses on the immaterial and invisible relations between these symbols, representing the complexities of communication and the construction of reality. Each viewer perceives and interprets his works differently, adding to their fascination. Castello's art is rooted in real stories from his life or events he has experienced, sparking viewers' engagement and prompting them to create their own interpretations. Through his work, Castello empowers viewers to actively participate in the meaning-making process, leaving them with a profound and personal experience.

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Apply for a Golden Sphere

Requests are limited to one sphere per aspirant.

The production of all hand made spheres will last ONE year. To allow you to receive your sphere guaranteed, the procedure is split into a certificate, that you can obtain or apply to NOW and the handover of the manufactured sphere LATER when its ready.

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Born to be Alive

With your donation, you support SQARES & Niclas Castello’s global environmental project to save dying forests born to be alive. A focus of the project, due to current events, is on the forests in Central and Southern Germany. Specifically, the forests of the central uplands are experiencing the largest natural disaster in 300 years, a bark beetle epidemic that has currently devastated a large part of the Thuringian Forest. This is a catastrophe right on our doorstep, yet it is only the visible impact of a global issue. Due to warming and drought, the trees are weakened, lacking the natural defenses to cope with pest infestation as they have for centuries. Our reforestation project for destroyed forests is meant to contribute to planting new, biodiverse forests in Germany and in all affected regions of the world.